Business people need BI when they are on the move.
Business decision makers at all levels in an organization need data at their fingertips, wherever they are.

Qlear is the best tool that helps you take control of your Qlik Sense app and save time daily. App provides live mobile access to your most relevant business information. Qlear can help accelerate your business and keep your mobile workforce connected.

With Qlear the mobile BI experience is elegant, easy and powerful. Our mobile tool lets you explore, choose and act. You can explore the information, choose only the relevant objects and share them instantly.

Qlear main menu
Qlear create a custom app

Create your unique app just once. You don’t need to spend hours in dozens of apps each time. Just take the objects that you need and build your new, customized app.

Choose the apps and the objects that help you in your day-to-day work, save them in a new app and become instantly productive. Wherever you are, Qlear is an app you can interact with to make smarter, faster decisions.

Qlear provides a familiar QlikSense user experience. The app renders each object in a single based display mode, letting BI users explore his data, down to the most granular level of detail through simple interactions. QlearSense users can explore their objects based on familiar multitouch gestures that they are used to and takes advantage of device capabilities such as snapshots. With Qlear, this power and flexibility are available at your fingertips.

The app empowers people to explore freely only the relevant information without having to open useless data. With Qlear, you get a Qlik Sense experience on your smartphone only for the information you have chosen. This view allows you to explore objects and perform analysis on your mobile device, more intuitively. Qlear delivers unprecedented freedom, it is the best time saver for QlikSense users.

The app is available free worldwide, in the English language, in the Apple AppStore. Try Qlear now, download the app, install the extension on your Qlik Sense Server and become more productive instantly!

Qlear object preview

1. Download qlear now!

2. Install Qliksense extension

The installation is simple and really straight-forward.

  • Access the QlikServer Management Console (QMC)
  • Select Extensions from Manage Resources tab
  • Import the downloaded .zip file
  • Select Virtual proxies from Configure System
  • Edit the Default virtual proxy
  • Change the Windows authentication pattern to Forms

How to

Server credentials

Enter the server address and your QlikSense authentication credentials.

The default port for HTTP is 80, but you can add your custom port.

Use secure server if you have an HTTPS connection.

Form autocomplete

The username and password fields will automatically be completed with the credentials entered in the Settings screen.

1. Main menu

From the main menu tap the Create new app icon.

2. Custom app name

To create a new app, first you have to enter a custom name.

3. Qliksense app list

The dropdown is populated with your QlikSense apps.
Selecting an app lists all the objects.

4. App object preview

Select an object and a preview pop-up appears. Add the object to your custom app or close the pop-up to preview other objects.

1. My apps list

Your custom apps are listed on this screen. Select the app name to view the objects or customize and even delete the custom app.

2. My custom app objects

Each object has a small icon that indicates the object type.


Interact with the object or take a screenshot. Tap the hamburger menu to trigger the classic QlikSense search bar.

4. Favorites

Tap the bookmark icon to display a list of your bookmarks.

Edit or delete

Edit or delete your custom apps from My apps list.
Tap the Pencil icon to edit the app name and add or remove objects or delete the app by selecting the X icon.

Delete all custom apps

Quickly delete all your apps by selecting the Trash icon from the Settings screen.


Share your custom app with your team.
Tap the SHARE APP and an email with instructions and .json file will open. Sent generated email to your colleague. The receiver will save the file to his iCloud.


Save the file shared through email in your favorite cloud storage.
Open Qlear, tap on Settings, tap Import and Browse and then select the QlearSharedApp.json file.
The shared app will appear in MY APPS section

Network connection problem

If the server address or the port number you have entered are not valid an error message will appear. Depending on the quality of your internet connection, the same message may appear.

Blank screen

If the internet connection quality is low a blank screen may appear. This blank screen might appear instead of the QlikSense login screen because of a network connection timeout.

To solve this issue restart the app. (double tap the iPhone's Home button, close the app from the Running Apps list and open it again)

Session timeout

QlikSense Server is configured so that after a period of inactivity, usually 20 minutes, the current session will expire and you will be logged-out. If you've only minimised Qlear and it's running in background, a blank screen or the login form might appear.

To prevent any session timeout issues, we recommend closing Qlear (remove it from the Running Apps list) when you are done using it.

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Take advantage of being in a particular place at a particular time. Stay in touch while you are on the run. See what is happening with your business and make better decisions on the go. Use Qlear every day to explore your data and visualize only relevant analyses.

* This app requires a Qlik Sense Server account.

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